Stray Cat Strut (1981)

Music Artist: The Stray Cats

Synopsis: The Stray Cats perform their namesake song in an alley, which pleases the young ladies but not the older woman trying to watch television.

Kitty Cameo: A black and white cat is seen at the very start of the video and appears several times throughout.

Stray Cat Strut - tuxedo cat close up

Stray Cat Strut - tuxedo cat side look

Stray Cat Strut - tuxedo cat through wire mesh

This video also includes clips from the 1949 MGM cartoon Bad Luck Blackie, as well as the live action black cat seen in the 1955 Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief, both of which are first seen on the television set the older woman is watching.

Stray Cat Strut - Bad Luck Blackie cartoon on television

Final Mewsings: Alley cats and rock bands are often both underappreciated.

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