Feline Frame Up (1954)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: Chuck Jones

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Claude the Cat takes pleasure in pushing around poor little Pussyfoot, but Marc Antony the bulldog is ready to defend the kitten even if it costs him his place in the house.

Cartoon Cats: This cartoon features two very different animated cats.  First is the adorable Pussyfoot the kitten, whose gender changes from short to short (here Pussyfoot appears to be female).

Feline Frame Up - kitten Pussyfoot sleeping on pillow

And then there is Claude the cat.  Claude is a yellow cat who appeared in several Warner Bros. Looney Toons shorts pre-dating Pussyfoot’s appearance by a number of years.  In previous appearances, Claude was timid and meek but not so here.

Feline Frame Up - cat Claude on pillow

Kitty Carnage Warning! Claude the cat is brutal to Pussyfoot, kicking her off her pillow in the very first scene.

Feline Frame Up - Claude kicking kitten Pussyfoot off pillow

There is one moment when Claude holds Pussyfoot up to show Marc Antony and then gives her a hard flick to the head with his finger.  Claude then dumps Pussyfoot into a clear vase and leaves her.

Feline Frame Up - Claude hitting kitten Pussyfoot with finger

All this behavior somewhat justifies the fact that Marc Antony literally beats the crap out of Claude every chance he gets.

Feline Frame Up - Marc Antony holding cat Claude by neck

Early on, Claude tricks their owner by placing Pussyfoot inside Marc Antony’s mouth, making it look as if he is trying to eat the kitten.

Feline Frame Up - cat Claude places kitten Pussyfoot in Marc Antony's mouth

The owner constantly throws Marc Antony outside to keep him from hurting Claude, but Marc Antony keeps finding ways to get to the cat.

Feline Frame Up - cat Claude caught in window by Marc Antony

In the end Marc Antony gets Claude to confess, Pussyfoot is restored to her rightful place on the pillow and Claude gets kicked out of the house instead.

Feline Frame Up - cat Claude placing kitten Pussyfoot on pillow watched by Marc Antony

Final Mewsings: Cats are not immune to karma.

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