Express Yourself (1989)

Music Artist: Madonna

Synopsis: Madonna’s take on the Fritz Lang classic film Metropolis with her own sexual twist.

Featured Feline: At the beginning of the video Madonna is seen in a tall skyscraper holding a black cat against her breast.

Express Yourself - Madonna holding black cat to her breast

She releases the cat which runs off.

Express Yourself - Madonna - black cat running

Express Yourself - Madonna - black cat with eyes glowing

Madonna is singing to the slave workers below, in particular one worker (Cameron Alborzian).  The cat finds this worker, who holds the animal in the rain.

Express Yourself - Madonna - black cat shadow against wall

Express Yourself - Madonna - worker holding black cat in rain

Eventually the worker makes his way to an elevator which takes him to the top of the tall tower where Madonna has been chained and was seen drinking milk from a bowl like a cat.

Express Yourself - Madonna - worker with black cat on his shoulder

Express Yourself - Madonna - close up of black cat

The worker drops the cat and he and Madonna get it on.  The cat we don’t see again.  Maybe it got some of the milk from the saucer?  Oh no wait, that’s right, Madonna poured it over her shoulder.  Sorry kitty!

Express Yourself - Madonna worker holding black cat

Express Yourself - Madonna - worker drops black cat to the floor

Final Mewsings: This cat actor appreciated the fact that Madonna did not wear her cone bra for this video.

Many thanks to Stevie H. for recommending this video to us!

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