Ekusute (2007)

Exte: Hair Extensions DVD

English Title: Exte: Hair Extensions
Toei Picture Company Productions
 Chiaki Kuriyama, Miku Satô
Directed by: Sion Sono

Synopsis: A morgue worker named Yamazaki (Ren Ôsugi) with a fetish for hair tangles with the wrong corpse, leading to problems for local student hairstylist Yûko Mizushima (Chiaki Kuriyama) and some unsuspecting women who end up with killer hair extensions.

Kitty Cameo: This tongue-in-cheek horror film features a few appearances by a very beautiful gray-colored Manx cat named Rupin (his name is pronounced this way and spelled as such in the subtitles, but it could easily also be named Lupin after the French gentleman thief and popular anime character by Monkey Punch).

Exte: Hair Extensions - Rupin Lupin Manx cat in hair salon

Rupin is the shop cat of the hair salon where hairstylist Yûko is being trained.  We first see him when Yûko arrives for work and cleans the shop.  At one point she asks the cat to move from one of the chairs.

Sadly Rupin doesn’t have much to do in this film and the only way he is really tied into the horror at all is via the bell around his neck which rings, one of the triggers which the hair’s victim responds to.

Exte: Hair Extensions - Rupin Lupin Manx cat in front of statue

While Rupin is not directly involved in the story, at least he is not a victim of the killer hair.

Exte: Hair Extensions - Rupin Lupin Manx cat walking into salon

Exte: Hair Extensions - Rupin Lupin Manx cat close up

Final Mewsings: Cats know how scary huge balls of hair can be!

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