The Bodega – “The Curious Case of the Bodega Cat”

The Bodega artwork

Original Air Date: September 17, 2014
Starring: Samuel Gomez, Johnny Rivera, Jorge Acosta
Directed by: Todd Pellegrino

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this episode!

Synopsis: Two brothers (Samuel Gomez, Johnny Rivera) working in a New York convenience store and deli scheme of bigger and better things.  In this episode the store mascot and rat catcher, Bodega Cat, disappears and mysterious ransom notes start arriving.

Kitty Cameo: This is the first appearance of Bodega Cat in the series, although there is a cat seen occasionally in some establishing shots used in earlier episodes.  This cat is has only a little white on its face.

The Bodega - Bodega Cat as seen in establishing shot

Featured Feline: Even though Bodega cat is the focus of this episode, for most of it he is only seen in photos on the missing posters and signs held up by those concerned patrons demanding the cat’s safe return to the Bodega.

The Bodega - Bodega Cat missing poster

The Bodega - Bodega Cat signs

At the end of the episode, the boys’ father, Papi (Jorge Acosta), enters with Bodega Cat, saying he was found in Daniela’s (MarĂ­a DiDomenico) beauty shop storeroom.  Obviously this was another ruse by Jose to bring business to the store.

The Bodega - Bodega Cat found by Papi

The Bodega - Bodega Cat and Papi

Bodega Cat is seen one more time in season one on the cover of the calendar the boys sell as a promotional idea.  Bodega Cat would be played by a different cat in season two.

The Bodega - Bodega Cat on cover of calendar

And in case you were wondering, Bodega Cats are a common sight in New York and there is even an Instagram page for them.

Final Mewsings: Long live Bodega Cat!

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