Runaway (2014)

Music Artist: sElf

Synopsis: Cats are featured in this video playing instruments, jumping and doing cat things to music.

Featured Felines: Several cats are featured in this video which showcases the cats doing mostly natural cat things, like shedding.  A lot of shedding.  You’ve heard the expression “When the fur flies?”  It flies here!  If you’re allergic to cat fur you might want to take an antihistamine before viewing.

Runaway - sElf orange and white cat close up

Runaway - sElf Maine Coon cat driving

But the cats are beautiful and fun to watch and it’s an awesome video.  Well done, Matt Mahaffey (the main self behind sElf).

Runaway - sElf Maine Coon cat petted

Runaway - sElf three cats relaxing

Final Mewsings: Does anyone have a sticky roller thingie?

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