Reminiscing (1978)

Music Artist: Little River Band

Synopsis: A laid back music video for one of The Little River Band’s biggest hit singles in the United States.

Purr Blur: This somewhat dated music video is notable for what it doesn’t do . . . illustrate the lyrics to the song.  Far from it.  Instead of showing an older couple happily reminiscing about their years together, it’s just the band sitting around doing not much of anything.  Playing the song.  Playing pool.  Oh, and there’s a cat.  Sitting with the band.  Also not doing much of anything.

Reminiscing - Little River Band video with cat in foreground

At one point lead singer Glenn Shorrock walks up to the cat and pats its head before moving on.

Reminiscing - Little River Band video with cat on couch

Reminiscing - Little River Band video with Glenn Shorrock petting cat on couch

Final Mewsings: Usually cats and bands are more animated than this.

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