Annabel Takes a Tour (1938)

Annabel Takes a Tour poster

RKO Radio Pictures
 Lucille Ball, Jack Oakie, Ruth Donnelly
Directed by: Lew Landers

Synopsis: In this sequel to The Affairs of Annabel, Annabel Allison (Lucille Ball) is getting ready to embark on a publicity tour for her latest picture from Wonder Studios, but she’s miffed about the publicity being garnered by an up and coming star and recruits her former publicity man, Lanny Morgan (Jack Oakie) to get her in the papers again.

Kitty Cameo: The publicity unit gets on a train bound for Chicago and Annabel brings her little dog Elmer into her room.  When the conductor says the dog must move to the baggage car, Annabel asks Lanny to stay with him.  As Lanny settles down on a steamer trunk to sleep, Elmer spots a yowling Siamese cat in a cage nearby and starts barking at it.

Annabel Takes a Tour - Siamese cat in cage on train

The cat seems indifferent as the dog continues to bark.  Lanny, on the other hand, loses his patience with the dog and tries to put him off the train altogether.

Annabel Takes a Tour - dog barking at Siamese cat in cage on train

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t deserve to travel in the baggage car, either!

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