Yellow Submarine (1968)

Yellow Submarine DVD

King Features Production
Directed by:
 George Dunning

Synopsis: The psychedelic animated feature built around the music of the Beatles.  Pepperland is under attack by the Blue Meanies and Old Fred (voiced by Lance Percival) is sent in search of help in a Yellow Submarine.

Cartoon Cats: There are so many wild and interesting visuals used in this film and cats are definitely included.  The first cat turns up in the Eleanor Rigby segment in which the Yellow Submarine is traveling the streets of Liverpool, England.  In one part we see a series of windows with a repeat of the same cat being petted shown in time to the music.

Yellow Submarine - cats being petted in windows animated gif

After the song is over we see Ringo wandering the lonely streets.  He passes by a policeman who is squatted down in the street calling to a motionless cat.  Ringo stops to look at the officer, who ceases his calls of “Here Puss!” to stand up.  The moment the officer stands up, the cat runs away.

Yellow Submarine - Ringo looking at policeman calling cat

There are a couple of cat designs in the sea travels as well.  In the Sea of Time, a cat is used to represent the number 6 in 36 in the When I’m Sixty-Four number.

Yellow Submarine - cat in number 36

Cats also show up as part of the design when the Beatles land in the Sea of Nowhere and they walk, making designs out of nothing during the Nowhere Man segment.

Yellow Submarine - cats in design motif

Bad Kitties:  Most notably there are cat members of the Blue Meanies army.  The Butterfly Stompers are cats and there are fittingly nine in all.  Their job is to stomp out butterflies and anything else that is beautiful.

Yellow Submarine - butterfly stomping cat

Yellow Submarine - butterfly stomping cat stomping on Max

Yellow Submarine - the Butterfly Stompers at end

Final Mewsings: Cats wouldn’t attack butterflies if they didn’t do that fluttering flying thing so much.

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