Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 poster

Walt Disney Animation Studios
 Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, Maya Rudolph
Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Synopsis: Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter) is a young scientific genius who finds himself seeking the truth behind a personal tragedy aided by his brother’s lovable medical robot Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit) and a group of his brother’s college acquaintance’s.

Featured Feline: Mochi is a Japanese bobtail cat owned by Hiro and his brother Tadashi’s Aunt Cass (voiced by Maya Rudolph), who is raising the boys.  She owns a café called the Lucky Cat Café with beckoning cats as a theme.  Mochi is first seen when Aunt Cass enters the cafe after picking the boys up from jail.  She is stress-eating a donut and tells Mochi to follow her, which the cat does.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi and Aunt Cass eating donut

Mochi is only seen briefly at different times in the film.  He can be seen briefly on one of the blue recycle bins in the garage during the time-lapse sequence showing Hiro working on his project.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi sitting on recycle bin

Later Hiro is trying to sneak a run-down Baymax past his aunt and up to his room.  Once he does this there is a crash from above and Cass asks what the noise was.  Hiro laughs and blames Mochi, only to find the cat is at his feet.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi at Hiro's feet

Before his aunt can see Mochi, Hiro picks the cat up and tosses him up the stairs.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi standing at Hiro's feet on stairs

When Hiro goes upstairs, Baymax is sitting with Mochi in his arms and petting the happy cat, saying “Hairy baby.”  Mochi gets up angrily when Hiro enters and runs down the stairs.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi being petted by Baymax

Mochi is only seen closely again as he is being petted by Aunt Cass as she watches Frankenstein on television as Hiro and Baymax sneak down the stairs behind her.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi being petted by Aunt Cass as she watches movie

A painting of Mochi dressed as Stitch can be seen on the wall in one scene.  This artwork has also been posted online by Disney.

Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi in Stitch costume

Kitty Cameo: A black and white tuxedo cat can be seen briefly wearing rocket boots on all four paws in the experimental lab of Tadashi’s college class.  The idea of Mochi wearing the rocket boosters was considered at one time but sadly did not come to pass.

Big Hero 6 - tuxedo cat with rocket boots in college lab

Final Mewsings: They really should have fitted Mochi with those rocket boots and named the movie Big Hero 7!

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