Home (2015)

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DreamWorks Animation
 Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin
Directed by: Tim Johnson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: The Boov are an alien race noted for running away from danger.  When they decide to hide on Earth, they transplant all humans and make themselves at home, but one young girl is determined to find her mother amidst the chaos.

Cartoon Cat: The girl who is separated from her mother is named Gratuity Tucci, nicknamed Tip (voiced by Rihanna).  Tip is left alone in the big city teeming with Boov.  Her only companion is her male calico cat named Pig (the cat has a corkscrew tail, hence the name).  Pig is first seen eating ice cream on a sidewalk.

Home - calico cat Pig eating ice cream from container on sidewalk

Pig then hurries past several booby traps into the apartment where Tip is hiding.

Home - calico cat Pig ducking under booby trap

Tip hears a boov about to move into her place and sneaks out, taking Pig with her in a backpack.  They take her mother’s car and begin their search for Tip’s mom.

Home - calico cat Pig and Tip looking in window

Home - calico cat Pig inside backpack

Tip and Pig meet Oh, one of the aliens who is alienated from the other boov and is on the run.  He agrees to help Tip find her mother, although initially he has ulterior motives.

Home - calico cat Pig with chip bag

Pig likes Oh and lays on his head often, purring, which weirds Oh out.

Home - calico cat Pig lying on Oh's head

The cat Pig appears throughout the film and while a companion to Tip he sadly doesn’t have any real direct involvement with the plot.  But he’s a loving, cute character which adds a touch of charm to this cute film.

Home - calico cat Pig and Tip in car

Home - calico cat Pig looking out of car window

Home - calico cat Pig with Oh and Tip

Final Mewsings: A male calico cat named Pig is certainly one of the more unique animated characters to come along!

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