Mickey’s Holiday (1932)

Larry Darmour Productions
 Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Robinson, Billy Barty
Directed by: Jesse Duffy

Synopsis: Mickey McGuire and his pals help out at a gas station but when their rival gang shows up an all-out war begins.

Kitty Cameo: Early in the short, Mickey arrives at the clubhouse where his little brother Billy (Billy Barty) is conducting the others in song with vocals and instruments.  Mickey scoffs at their talent and says he will show them music.  He picks up a tuba and tries to play but it produces a “meow” sound instead.  Mickey tries to blow again but gets the same “meow.” As he turns you can just see the cat inside the tuba.

Mickey's Holiday - Mickey with tabby cat inside tuba

Mickey sets down the tuba and reaches inside to pull out the tabby cat.

Mickey's Holiday - Mickey reaches inside tuba to grab tabby cat

Mickey's Holiday - Mickey pulls tabby cat out of tuba animated gif

Mickey carries the cat over to a barrel where a collar on a lead is sitting.  He pulls the collar over the cat’s head so it is now on a lead attached to the wall.

Mickey's Holiday - Mickey pulls collar over tabby cat's head

Mickey tells the cat to stay there.

Mickey's Holiday - Mickey tells tabby cat to stay

Moments later, Mickey’s friend Hambone (Jimmy Robinson), who has been instructed to make lunch for Mickey, comes and picks up the cat, removing the collar.  “You’re coming with me,” Hambone tells the cat.

Mickey's Holiday - Hambone takes tabby cat with him

Later when Mickey sits down to his meal, Hambone tells him it is rabbit.  Mickey is about to take a bite when he notices the cat is missing.  He starts calling, “Kitty, Kitty!” and looking around.  He comes across Hambone holding a rabbit skin and asks, “Kitty?”  Hambone smiles and shakes his head then pulls aside a cloth hanging over some shelves.  The tabby cat is sitting inside, eating something from a bowl.  Mickey breathes a sigh of relief and walks away.

Mickey's Holiday - Hambone shows tabby cat eating to Mickey

Final Mewsings: It’s okay to have a cat for lunch, just don’t have the cat for lunch!

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