No Noise (1923)

Hal Roach Studios
 Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins, Mickey Daniels, Joe Cobb
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: Mickey is in the hospital and the gang decides to pay him a visit and then want to stay when they see all the food and goodies he is getting.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): While the kids are running amok in the hospital, a visiting specialist is giving a lecture.  He has brought a wide assortment of animals with him for some reason, including monkeys, guinea pigs and mice.  No cats are seen in the lecture room, but the kids find themselves in the operating room.  At one point Little Farina walks across the room.  There is a wheeled cart there and for some odd reason a tuxedo cat is sitting upon it!  Was the cat part of the lecturer’s menagarie?  Who knows?

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat sitting on cart in operating room

Next to the cat is a bottle of chloroform.  Farina pours some out onto the floor and then lets the cat sniff at the bottle.

Our Gang - No Noise - Farina lets tuxedo cat sniff chloroform bottle

In true silent comedy fashion everything starts to move in slow motion.  The cat is shown licking its lips in slow motion.

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat licking mouth next to chloroform bottle

The camera cuts between slow motion shots of little Farina and the cat blinking its eyes and shaking its head.

Our Gang - No Noise - close up of tuxedo cat's face

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat shaking head

Farina moves to the door and the cat follows, jumping down from the cart in slow motion.

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat jumping down from cart after Farina in slow motion

They both leave the operating room (the cat gets stuck in the closing door for a moment!) and then run down the hallway in slow motion.

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat and Farina running down hallway in slow motion animated gif

The cat is only seen again for a brief second in the corner of the screen when the gang is being electrocuted and bounces out into the hallway to be joined by Farina.

Our Gang - No Noise - tuxedo cat barely visible in corner of screen

Final Mewsings: Every operating room should have a slow motion cat!

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