Spies (1943)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: Chuck Jones

Synopsis: Private Snafu (voiced by Mel Blanc) has a secret he must not share, but as usual he manages to do exactly the wrong things and pretty soon everyone knows his secret, even the enemy!

Bad Kitty: This series of World War II cartoons were made as a way to train soldiers in basic facts of military life, each short focusing on a specific topic.  As Private Snafu gives out tiny pieces of information about his secret mission, eager ears are listening in.  In one scene, he is walking down the street and several characters pop out of the background and announce “The source has got a secret but I bet we find it out!”  One of the characters is a black cat in a downspout.

Private Snafu - Spies - black cat spy in downspout

Final Mewsings: Who knew cats were being used by the axis powers as spies?

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