The Watcher (2000)

The Watcher DVD

Universal Pictures
 James Spader, Keanu Reeves, Rebekah Louise Smith
Directed by: Joe Charbanic

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Joel Campbell (James Spader) is an FBI agent tormented by memories of the serial killer he could not catch.  Only the killer has come looking for him seeking to continue their game of cat and mouse.

Kitty Cameo: Killer David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves) targets a girl named Ellie (Rebekah Louise Smith) who works in a photo shop.  We see Ellie as she returns to her apartment and calls for someone named Frank.  Frank turns out to be her Himalayan cat.

The Watcher - Ellie with Himalayan cat Frank on counter

Frank is curled up with Ellie on her couch when the phone rings.

The Watcher - Ellie sets Himalayan cat Frank off couch

Ellie sets Frank down before picking up the phone.  As Ellie talks on the phone Frank wanders down the hallway where Griffin is waiting.

The Watcher - Himalayan cat Frank looks up at killer

Griffin pets the cat, which purrs.

The Watcher - Himalayan cat Frank

When the police arrive on the scene they note the absence of Ellie’s pet cat Frank.  Later in the film Frank is seen in Griffin’s car as Griffin is petting the cat.  Strangely enough Frank never appears again so we don’t know what ultimately happens to him.

The Watcher - Himalayan cat Frank in killer's car

Final Mewsings: Cats are not always the best judge of character.

Many thanks to KatWrangler for recommending this movie to us!

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