Enchantment (1948)

Enchantment DVD cover

Samuel Goldwyn Company
 David Niven, Gigi Perreau, Peter Miles
Directed by: Irving Reis

Synopsis: A multi-generational story about a British family living in London from the turn of the century through World War II and their struggles in finding and losing love.

Kitty Cameos: In an early flashback scene Rollo (David Niven) is remembering himself as a young boy (Peter Miles) with Lark (Gigi Perreau), a girl who was orphaned and brought to live with the family by their father.  Rollo comes downstairs the morning after Lark’s arrival and finds the little girl looking out of a window.  She explains that there is a cat stuck in the tree. We see a white cat in the bare tree outside.

Enchantment - white cat stuck in tree

Rollo explains that cats are always getting stuck in the tree.  In a later scene, Rollo (as an elderly man) looks out the window and sees a black cat as it attempts to climb down from the same tree.

Enchantment - black cat stuck in tree

Final Mewsings: Cats get pretty dirty after being stuck in a tree for numerous decades.

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