Cat Beautician (1941)

British Pathé

Synopsis: A cat beauty parlor in Melbourne, Australia, is featured.

Reality Cats: The beauty parlor in question is an outdoor facility where several cats are apparently boarded (and fed like chickens all at once!)

Cat Beautician - cats being fed like chickens

Cat Beautician - cats being fed like chickens close

A Siamese cat is seen being groomed and then takes a swipe at a cat (offscreen) that apparently gets too close.

Cat Beautician - Siamese cat hissing

A long-haired cat is then seen being bathed.

Cat Beautician - long-haired cat being bathed

At the end of the piece a group of kittens is shown and for some reason they are hanging on a line in stockings.

Cat Beautician - kittens in stockings hanging from a line

Final Mewsings: Santa was apparently busy delivering kittens that year!

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