Two Tickets to Broadway (1951)

Two Tickets to Broadway DVD

RKO Radio Pictures
 Tony Martin, Janet Leigh, Eddie Bracken
Directed by: James V. Kern

Synopsis: Nancy Peterson (Janet Leigh) is a small-town girl who heads to New York with dreams of Broadway stardom.  She finds romance with fellow singer Dan Carter (Tony Martin) but an overeager agent (Eddie Bracken) might end up ruining their chances.

Kitty Cameos: When Dan tracks Nancy down to her boarding house to return a suitcase they are drawn into singing the song Manhattan with some of the fellow female entertainers.  As they join two women at the piano there is a white Angora cat laying on top of the instrument.  Nancy even pets the cat as Dan moves around to join her.

Two Tickets to Broadway - white Angora cat on top of piano

In the same musical number the women of the boarding house act out various scenarios around New York, including a high class woman entering an establishment.  The woman playing the high class doll has draped the cat around her shoulders to represent a mink stole.

Two Tickets to Broadway - woman with white Angora cat on shoulders

Later when agent Lew Conway is on the rooftop outside the window of his apartment with his significant other, Hannah (Gloria DeHaven) the scene opens on an orange tomcat sitting on a wall with a Siamese cat.  The orange tom screeches at the Siamese and takes a vicious swipe at him before losing his balance and falling off the wall.

Two Tickets to Broadway - orange tom cat and Siamese fighting animated gif

Moments later when Lew and Hannah are getting romantic the orange tom is seen watching them.

Two Tickets to Broadway - orange tom cat close up

Final Mewsings: Cats aren’t too excited to find themselves in musical numbers.

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