Night of the Eagle (1962)

Night of the Eagle DVD

Also Known As:  Burn, Witch, Burn
Warner Bros.
 Janet Blair, Peter Wyngarde, Margaret Johnston, Anthony Nicholls
Directed by: Sidney Hayers

Synopsis: Teacher Norman Taylor is a staunch skeptic (Peter Wyngarde), so when he suspects his wife Tansy (Janet Blair) has been practicing witchcraft he insists her fears of curses against them are unfounded and makes her stop. But when things start to spiral out of control in their lives he begins to doubt his faith in logic.

Kitty Cameo: A beautiful long-haired black cat lives in the Taylor’s home and is seen in several scenes.

Night of the Eagle - black cat sitting on stairs

Night of the Eagle - black cat sitting on desk

When Norman forces Tansy to burn her witchcrafting materials he waits until the end to burn the spider she keeps in an ivory box. As soon as the ornate box hits the flames the cat, which is sitting on a chair nearby, starts to hiss and screech and then runs from the room.

Night of the Eagle - black cat watching from chair

Later on the cat is instrumental (although seen only briefly, and thrown from offscreen as well) in a final evil spell against the Taylors.

Night of the Eagle - black cat screeching on chair

Final Mewsings: Never burn an ivory box decorated with skulls in front of a cat.  They may just set your house on fire later.

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