Boys to Board (1923)

Hal Roach Studios
 Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Ernest Morrison
Directed by: Tom McNamara

Synopsis: Joe (Joe Cobb) is the newest boy to be taken in by a boarding school where a strict matron makes life miserable, not only for the students but for her husband as well.

Scaredy Cat: Ernie (Ernest Morrison) brings in Joe’s luggage, including a satchel which is being carried by the dog.  The dog starts to tear at the handle of the bag, which pops open to reveal a tabby cat inside.

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat emerges from bag dog is attacking

The cat starts streaking around the room with the dog in pursuit.  The cat then runs beneath a rocking chair.

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat crawls beneath rocking chair

As the dog looks under the chair, the cat appears on top of it, having crawled up from behind.

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat on top of chair

The dog lunges at the chair, vaulting the cat across the room where it lands on top of a chandeleir.  It’s clear the cat is on a wire being pulled around for much of this action.

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat lands on top of chandelier

The cat spins around on the chandelier as the dog barks and the kids cause a major commotion, much to the consternation of Mother Malone (Helen Gilmore).

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat spinning on chandelier animated gif

Eventually the cat leaps from the chandelier (or is actually pulled off by the aforementioned wire) and lands behind the sign on the wall which reads “There’s No Place Like Home.”  After this the cat is not seen again.

Our Gang - Boys to Board - tabby cat behind sign on wall

Final Mewsings: It’s a good thing cats can’t really fly around like that!

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