The Roadhouse Murder (1932)

The Roadhouse Murder poster

RKO Radio Pictures
 Dorothy Jordan, Eric Linden, Gustav von Seyffertitz
Directed by: J. Walter Ruben

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Chick Brian (Eric Linden) is an ambitious reporter looking for a break and hopes to impress the father of his girlfriend, Mary Agnew (Dorothy Jordan).  When the pair happen upon a murder at a remote inn Chick comes up with the idea of framing himself for the murder to write an exclusive series of articles for his newspaper about his life on the run.  What could possible go wrong?

Kitty Cameo: Chick and Mary are stranded in a rainstorm and seek shelter at a roadhouse inn called the Lame Dog.  The porter who answers the door is carrying a black cat.

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan in porter's arms

The porter shows the couple to a room, insisting they pay whether they stay the night or not.

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan and porter show Chick and Mary to a room

The creepy porter says he lives there alone with Susan, his cat.  As he picks up Susan she grabs at Chick’s coat (looking for all the world as if she is saying “Help me!”)

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan grabs for Chick animated gif

Shortly after this we see Susan arching her back and then a gun which goes off.

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan arches back

The porter falls to the ground and Susan runs to his side.  Chick and Mary exit their room and see the dead porter on the floor with Susan beside him.

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan runs to dead porter's side

After finding another dead man and seeing the murderers before they escape, Chick devises his cockamamie plot to get famous.  The next morning the police arrive and Chick is waiting for them.  Susan is still sitting by the porter’s side.  No one refers to the poor cat again or offers to get her any food or water.  The cat is not seen or mentioned again.

The Roadhouse Murder - black cat Susan lying next to dead porter

Final Mewsings: No one could save poor Susan from the terrible plot of this film.

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