Bridal Suite (1939)

Bridal Suite poster

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
 Robert Young, Annabella, Walter Connolly
Directed by: William Thiele

Synopsis: Unambitious playboy Neil McGill (Robert Young) jilts his fiancé twice and sets off for Switzerland with his mother (Billie Burke) to seek amnesia as a medical excuse from Doctor Grauer (Walter Connolly).  But during their stay in a quaint Alpine lodge Neil falls in love with the lovely Luise (Annabella) who works there.

Purr Blur: Luise plays the zither for the guests and Neil is smitten.  He follows her into the kitchen to get better acquainted with her.  At one point a black cat is seen jumping down from a table onto the zither which crashes to the floor.  The cat is only seen on screen for a brief moment and its meow sounds strange, like someone trying to do a high pitched impersonation.

Bridal Suite - black longhaired cat jumps on zither animated gif

Final Mewsings: Apparently cats don’t like zither music.

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