Le chat du rabbin (2011)

The Rabbi's Cat DVD

English Title: The Rabbi’s Cat
Autochenille Production
 François Morel, Maurice BĂ©nichou, Hafsia Herzi
Directed by: Antoine Delesvaux, Joann Sfar

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Based on a comic book series by co-director Joann Sfar, this is an imaginative tale about a Rabbi’s cat (voiced by François Morel) who finds he is able to converse with humans and joins in their adventures while holding fast onto his love for the Rabbi’s daughter (voiced by Hafsia Herzi).

Cartoon Cat: It’s difficult to summarize this fanciful story of a Sphynx cat with no name who is known around 1920’s Algiers as “The Rabbi’s Cat” because the story follows several different paths. The cat is loyal to the Rabbi but especially to the Rabbi’s daughter.

The Rabbi's Cat - Rabbi, cat and Rabbi's daughter

This is fine with the Rabbi until the cat eats the family’s parrot and starts to speak. The Rabbi then realizes the cat is a little too affectionate with his daughter and fills her head with strange notions (the cat can read as well as speak.)

The Rabbi's Cat - Rabbi's cat and daughter

Not wanting to be separated from the Rabbi’s daughter, the cat wishes to be converted to Judaism, but the Rabbi isn’t sure that can be done.

The Rabbi's Cat - Rabbi and his cat

The cat is supportive of the Rabbi as he takes French dictation tests to remain in his position.

The Rabbi's Cat - cat watches Rabbi taking test

The second half of the film concerns a Russian Jewish refugee who escapes to Algiers after being the victim of a pogrom.

The Rabbi's Cat - cat checks on Russian refugee in crate

The man wishes to find a mythical Jewish holy city in Africa and so the Rabbi and cat and others set out on the adventure.

The Rabbi's Cat - Rabbi and cat in truck

This French animated film is charming but a bit mature for young eyes, so parents may wish to view this film first before setting their kids in front of Netflix to view.

The Rabbi's Cat - Rabbi's cat about top invoke prayer

Final Mewsings: If cats could talk, oh the things they would say!

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