Moonshadow (1972)

Trickfilm Studios
Narrated by:
 Spike Milligan
Directed by: Charles Jenkins

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Based both on the album Teaser and the Firecat and the children’s book by Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam).  A young boy named Teaser and his pet Firecat attempt to rescue the moon when it falls from the sky.

Cartoon Cat: Firecat is an adorable orange cat which is Teaser’s friend.  The two are seen sitting together by a fence, as is portrayed on the cover of the Cat Stevens’ album named for them.

Moonshadow - Teaser and the Firecat sitting on the curb

The moon falls from the sky with a crash and they rush to find it lodged in the roof of a barn.

Moonshadow - Teaser and the Firecat on roof of barn with the moon

After dislodging the moon the pair chase it as it rolls down a hill and is swept down the Purple River.  At one point Firecat falls on the moon and is swept away.

Moonshadow - Firecat falls on the moon

Eventually the moon floats off with both Teaser and the Firecat, taking them on a fantastical journey.

Moonshadow - Teaser and the Firecat riding the moon

It’s fun to note that throughout the film Firecat keeps trying to get the fishbone which Teaser has with him.  A very adorable film and perfect companion to this lovely song!

Moonshadow - Firecat reaches for Teaser's fishbone

Final Mewsings: Carry a fishbone and your cat will follow you anywhere!

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