Alf – “Looking for Lucky”

Alf Season One DVD

Original Air Date: October 6, 1986
Starring: Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Paul Fusco
Also Starring: Sparks
Directed by: Peter Bonerz

Synopsis: Alf gets in trouble when the Tanners come home to find the house a disaster and Lucky, their cat, missing, leading them to believe that Alf has finally eaten the feline.

Featured Feline: The first scene in the episode shows Alf swinging a watch back and forth in front of Lucky, coaxing him to go to sleep.

Alf - Looking for Lucky close up of cat

Alf tries to convince Lucky via hypnosis that he is not a cat but a bagel.

Alf - Looking for Lucky Alf tries to hypnotize cat with watch

Willie (Max Wright) is shocked when he realizes what Alf has been doing.  He urges Lucky to believe he is a cat and not a bagel.

Alf - Looking for Lucky Willie tries to talk to cat

Later Alf gets a bit crazy partying while the Tanners are gone and they come home to find the house a mess and Lucky gone.  They immediately suspect that Alf has eaten Lucky but Alf insists he is innocent and sets out to find the missing cat.

Kitty Cameo: In one scene Alf talks to a tuxedo alley cat and shows the cat a picture of Lucky.

Alf - Looking for Lucky Alf shows Tuxedo cat a picture of Lucky

Cat Cattle Call:  Eventually Alf ends up in the pound.  He sees Lucky being brought in by a worker and then a bratty little girl (Carrie Lorraine) enters looking for a cat.  There are several cats in cages in this scene.

Alf - Looking for Lucky man puts cat in cage

When the girl is about to adopt Lucky (whom she’s renamed Damien) Alf runs out of the cage and grabs Lucky and escapes with him!

Alf - Looking for Lucky bratty girl picks Lucky to adopt

The Tanners return home from looking for Alf and find him waiting to reveal Lucky to them.

Alf - Looking for Lucky Alf reveals the cat he has brought home

A moment later Willie enters with the real Lucky.  The cat Alf rescued from the pound was only a look alike!

Alf - Looking for Lucky Willie walks in with real Lucky

The last scene shows Alf feeding Lucky some ice cream.  Alf explains to Lucky how the Tanners trust him now and how he could eat the cat without falling under suspicion but he won’t.  But Alf tells Lucky not to feel too confident.

Alf - Looking for Lucky cat eating ice cream

Final Mewsings: The cat from the pound was Lucky!  Lucky Alf saved him from being adopted by that bratty girl!

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