Puss in Boots (1934)

The Cartoons That Time Forget Volume 1 DVD

Celebrity Productions
Directed by:
 Ub Iwerks

Synopsis: A cat in boots is grateful when a young man saves his kittens, so he helps him to rescue a princess from an ogre.

Cartoon Cat: It’s not clear why this Puss is wearing boots but like other versions of the tale he is a very resourceful cat and quite clever.

Puss in Boots - Puss in Boots shakes hand with young man

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers):  It’s Puss’ three little kittens which steal the show, however, tumbling about fighting and singing and being just generally adorable.

Puss in Boots - three kittens playing tic tac toe

The music in this piece (by Carl Stalling) is also catchy, especially when the meows are sung by some pussy willows!

Puss in Boots - pussy willows singing

As one might expect Puss saves the day by out-thinking the ogre much the same as in the original story.  All in all this is a very cute revamped version.

Puss in Boots - Puss in Boots smiling with kittens sticking out tongues

Final Mewsings: You don’t want kittens playing tic tac toe in your pants!

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