The Blot (1921)

The Blot DVD

Lois Weber Productions
 Margaret McWade, Claire Windsor, Louis Calhern
Directed by: Lois Weber

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Professor Griggs (Philip Hubbard) and his family strive to make ends meet on his meager salary while one of his wealthy students, Phil West (Louis Calhern), courts his daughter.  Also they watch as the Olesons, a shoemaker’s family next door, thrives.

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): Even though the Griggs family are poor they still keep a Maine Coon mama cat and her two kittens which is their daughter Amelia’s (Claire Windsor) only pets.  They are usually seen in the kitchen with Mrs. Griggs (Margaret McWade).

The Blot - Maine Coon mama cat with kitten

The Blot - Maine Coon mama cat

The mama cat is particularly involved in the story as Mrs. Griggs allows her to scrounge from the Olson’s garbage can.  This becomes a matter of contention with Mrs. Oleson, who sees the Griggs as being stuck up and stubborn.  Mrs. Olson chases the cat away from the garbage can when she finds out about it.

The Blot - Maine Coon mama cat with Mrs. Griggs at garbage can

Mrs. Griggs becomes desperate as she tries to find a way to feed her family, especially her ailing daughter Amelia.  In one shot she looks down at one of the kittens who looks up at her expectantly.

The Blot - kitten looking up

In the end their predicament becomes the concern of others, and even Mrs. Olson’s
heart grows as she moves her garbage can back over by the fence so the cat can scrounge.

The Blot - Maine Coon mama cat reaching for garage can lid

Final Mewsings: Cats are too proud to ask for handouts, especially when it’s just garbage.

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