Loving (1970)

Loving DVD

Columbia Pictures Corporation
 George Segal, Eva Marie Saint, Lorraine Cullen
Directed by: Irvin Kershner

Synopsis: Brooks Wilson (George Segal) is an artist not satisfied with his jobs or his life at home but who can’t seem to get it together when it comes to his mistress and his work.

Featured Feline: The Wilson family owns a big Maine Coon cat named Baby Lionel.  Baby Lionel is first seen lying on the bed with George’s wife Selma (Eva Marie Saint) as Brooks is preparing a camera while wearing a Union military uniform.

Loving - Baby Lionel Maine Coon cat on bed

What appears to be a possibly kinky scenario is actually Brooks taking a photo to use as a guide for a book cover he’s painting for a Civil War romance novel.  Baby Lionel remains on the bed while Brooks and Selma hug in pose, sleeping sounder than any cat realistically should!

Loving - Baby Lionel Maine Coon cat still on bed

Later Brooks walks by his daughter Lizzie (Lorraine Cullen) as she is sitting at a table.  Baby Lionel is on the table in front of her.  Brooks says good morning then leans over and picks up the cat to drop it on the floor, which makes Lizzie cry out with frustration.

Loving - Baby Lionel Maine Coon cat on table

Still later in the film Lizzie and her little sister Hannah (Cheryl Bucher) are having a staring contest.  Lizzie is holding Baby Lionel in her arms but then releases him.

Loving - Baby Lionel Maine Coon cat bring held by Lizzie during staring war

When their father enters he accidentally steps on the cat’s tail (this happens off screen).  The two girls scream that he did it on purpose and Lizzie runs to fetch the cat.  Hannah looks up at her father and says seriously, “You hate Baby Lionel!”  Lizzie carries Baby Lionel back into the room and gives her father a dirty look before she and Hannah exit with the cat.

Loving - Baby Lionel Maine Coon being carried by Lizzie

Final Mewsings: There wasn’t much loving between Brooks and Baby Lionel.

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