Night Owls (1930)

 Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, Edgar Kennedy
Directed by: James Parrott

Synopsis: Laurel and Hardy are talked into robbing the home of the local police chief by Kennedy the cop so he can get in good with his boss again, only things don’t go exactly as planned.

Purr Blurs: There are two hilarious examples of purr blurs in this film.  The first one happens when Laurel is trying to climb over the wall surrounding the police chief’s home.  Just as he gets his arms over the top of the wall a cat races across them, scaring him into screaming and falling.

Night Owls - cat runs across Stan Laurel's arms

Later when Laurel and Hardy continue to make noises the Chief asks his man Meadows (James Finlayson) to see what’s causing the disturbance.  Meadows looks out the window in time to see two cats running along the top of the wall, one after the other.  After he informs the Chief that it’s the cats, Laurel and Hardy decide to start meowing like cats, leading to even more comical moments.

Night Owls - cat running along wall

Night Owls - second running along wall

Final Mewsings: The tops of walls are the cats’ highways.

Night Owls - Stan Laurel being scared by cat running along wall animated gif

Night Owls - cats running along wall animated gif

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