A Cat’s Life (1920)

Aesop’s Fables Studio

Synopsis: A cat leads a cushy life while bossing a mouse servant around.

Cartoon Cat: Paul Terry’s characters based around Farmer Al Falfa return in this third entry in the Aesop’s Fables shorts.  The black cat (which is sometimes known as Thomas) saunters through this short having things mostly his way, such as when he bosses his mouse servant to push his car.

A Cat's Life - cartoon cat in car with mouse pushing

Later he suggests the mouse be used as bait to catch some fish, which the mouse amazingly agrees to enthusiastically.

A Cat's Life - cartoon mouse lets cat use him for fishing bait

After eating, the cat goes golfing and ends up using the mouse as a tee, causing the mouse to lose his head several times.

A Cat's Life - cartoon cat golfing using mouse for tee

Next the cat decides to serenade a female cat but that doesn’t work out as planned.  Farmer Alfalfa even makes a brief appearance to throw the moon at the cat.

A Cat's Life - cartoon cat serenading

Finally the cat devises a trap for some mice which works very well until one mouse becomes wise.

A Cat's Life - cartoon cat dropping brick to catch mice

Final Mewsings: Who knew that a cat’s life involved driving cars and playing golf?

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