Mr. Arkadin (1955)

Mr. Arkadin poster

Also Known As: Confidential Report
 Orson Welles, Robert Arden, Michael Redgrave
Directed by: Orson Welles

Synopsis: A ponderous tale about a man named Guy Van Stratten (Robert Arden) who is hired by a wealthy and mysterious man known as Mr. Gregory Arkadin (Orson Welles) to find out Arkadin’s real identity . . . at least that’s what he’s been told.

Cat Cattle Call: While traveling around Europe making inquiries into Arkadin’s past, Van Stratten stops at an antique store run by Burgomil Trebitsch (Michael Redgrave), a double-talking dealer who barters for information by making Van Stratten promise to purchase useless items.  As they wander around the man’s store, several cats can be seen. One is sitting upon a drum that Trebitsch moves.

Mr. Arkadin - Trebitsch moves drum with cat on it

A black and white cat is next seen on a spiral staircase as the men move through the area.

Mr. Arkadin - Trebitsch walks by black and white cat on stair

Later Van Stratten moves into the kitchen where we see what appears to be the same black and white cat jump off a table.

Mr. Arkadin - black and white cat jumps off table

The cat is then seen in the corner of the kitchen but jumps down.

Mr. Arkadin - black and white cat sitting in kitchen

Finally, Trebitsch stops by the spiral staircase and several cats walk down past him as he and Van Stratten continue to talk.  He calls some of the cats by name but it’s difficult to make out what these are exactly.

Mr. Arkadin - black and white cat walking down stairs

Mr. Arkadin - more cats walking down stairs

Mr. Arkadin - black and white cat stopped on stairs

Final Mewsings: Most of the items in Trebitch’s store were worthless but the cats were priceless.

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