Struggle for Existence (1925)

J.R. Bray Studios

Synopsis: A silent short documentary-style film which attempts to explain how all animals are connected in a struggle for survival.

Kitty Cameo: While most of the film focuses on wild animals and carnivorous plants, one segment is devoted to a house cat stalking some birds.  The grey cat, first shown sitting on a chair, is accompanied with the caption “The family pet is the deadly enemy of all birds.”

Struggle for Existence - grey cat sitting on chair

A nest of baby birds with their mother feeding them is shown.  Next the cat is seen stalking the nest supposedly (the birds and cat are never seen in the same shot.)

Struggle for Existence - grey cat crouching on the ground

Finally an empty nest is seen and then the cat crouched on the ground near some feathers.  The film encourages us not to blame the cat, that it is just his nature.

Struggle for Existence - grey cat crouching on the ground by feathers

Final Mewsings: Cats can be the cause of empty nest syndrome.

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