Still of the Night (1982)

Still of the Night DVD

United Artists
 Roy Scheider, Meryl Streep, Josef Sommer
Directed by: Robert Benton

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Suspense thriller in which psychiatrist Sam Rice (Roy Scheider) finds himself investigating the murder of one of his patients (Josef Sommer) and falling for the woman who may have been the last one to see the man alive.

Kitty Cameo: In one scene Sam hears a noise in the dark and later hears cats yowling but no actual cats are seen.  Later in the film, however, he is remembering a dream which his patient, George Bynum, has told him.  In the dream George was at a house which he describes in great detail.  On top of the house he sees an orange and white cat sitting.  The cat meows.

Still of the Night - orange and white cat on top of house

Final Mewsings: Who doesn’t want to dream about cats?

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