Hit By Lightning (2014)

Hit by Lightning DVD

Chantal Chamandy Entertainment (CCE)
 Jon Cryer, Will Sasso, Stephanie Szostak
Directed by: Ricky Blitt

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains major spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Ricky Miller (Jon Cryer) is a lonely middle-aged man who wishes he could meet the perfect girl.  He finds Danita (Stephanie Szostak), the woman of his dreams, through an online dating site but things get complicated when she turns out to be married . . . and wants Ricky to kill her husband.

Kitty Cameo: Cats are a running theme in this movie.  Ricky owns two beautiful black cats which are seen in several scenes in his apartment.

Hit by Lightning - black cats in Ricky's apartment

Ricky’s friend Seth (Will Sasso) often finds Ricky at home watching the hockey game with his two cats.

Hit by Lightning - black cat on Ricky's lap

The cats are also there when Ricky is depressed.

Hit by Lightning - black cat on Ricky's back

When Ricky meets Danita she explains she also has two cats named Sidney Crosby (after the hockey player) and Chairman Meow.  We get to see the kitties very briefly when Ricky goes to Danita’s house to kill her husband.

Hit by Lightning - cats on Danita's couch

It’s not clear which cat is which, but the official website includes two publicity stills of these cats from the movie.

Hit by Lightning - behind the scenes photo with kitten

Hit by Lightning - behind the scenes photo with cat and kitten

The film begins with Ricky watching a happy couple in a commercial for the dating site and telling them to “F… off.”  At the end of the film it is Ricky and Danita in the commercial and a lonely man (director Ricky Blitt in a comedic cameo) is seen with three cats and tells them to “F… off.”

Hit by Lightning - Rciky Blitt sitting with cats on couch

Final Mewsings: Do lonely people find cats or do cats find lonely people?

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