Spook Spoofing (1928)

The Teams: Our Gang DVD

Hal Roach Studios
 Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins, Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: The gang finds it easy to pull pranks on the superstitious Farina, but the tides turn when their elaborate joke to make Farina think he has killed someone and needs to bury their body backfires on them.

Purr Blur: At the very beginning of the short we see Farina making his way down the sidewalk, jumping to avoid stepping on cracks.  A moment later he comes across a black cat in front of him.

Our Gang - Spook Spoofing black cat on sidewalk

Intent on not letting the cat cross his path, Farina hurries around the animal and almost walks underneath a ladder.  The cat strolls off nonchalantly.

Our Gang - Spook Spoofing black cat on sidewalk walks away

Final Mewsings: Black cats don’t have time to worry about superstitions.

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