Puss in Boots (1922)

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots art

Laugh-O-Gram Films
Directed by:
 Walt Disney

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: One of Walt Disney’s early Laugh-o-Gram films.  A boy and his cat try to win love from the King’s daughter and chauffeur, respectively.  When both fail Puss comes up with a plan inspired by a Rodolph Vaselino film involving bullfighting.

Cartoon Cat: The cat was a regular character in these early Laugh-0-Gram films, but in this short she bears more than a passing resemblance to Krazy Kat at least in action and manner (carrying a purse and a parasol).

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss walking behind boy

The puss in this short is interested in the King’s chauffeur, who appears to be a dog.  Even the dog bears some small resemblance to Offisa Pup from Herriman’s strip.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss and Pup chauffeur

After the boy and cat are both thrown off the King’s property, Puss suggests the boy buy her a pair of boots, which he refuses.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss asks boy to buy her boots

The cat is very affectionate, even with her human boy in the movie theater as they are watching the romantic film.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss carresses boy in movie theater

After watching Rodolph Vaselino throw the bull, quite literally, Puss says she knows how the boy can win the Princess.  To tell, the boy must buy her the boots, which she hopes to wear to impress the chauffeur.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss leads boy into booterie

The plan involves the boy throwing a bull in a bullfight and Puss is on hand to help with a radio hypnotizing machine.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Puss with radio hypnotizer

In the end all works out well and the boy wins the girl and the cat wins the dog.

Laugh-o-Grams Puss in Boots - Boy reveals his identity to King as Puss watches

Final Mewsings: Disney was obviously open-minded about mixed-species relationships!

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