Murder of a Cat (2014)

Murder of a Cat poster

Seine Pictures
 Fran Kranz, Nikki Reed, Greg Kinnear
Also Starring: Bogart, O’Malley
Directed by: Gillian Greene

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: In this dark comedy, Clinton Moisey (Fran Kranz) is a socially backwards man living with his mother and his cat, Mouser.  When Mouser is found murdered, Clinton sets out to find the culprit, a quest which may ultimately change his life.

Featured Feline: Clinton’s cat, Mouser, is a Russian Blue (played by cat actor Bogart).  He is first seen sitting on the table at Clinton’s comic book sale in the front yard of his mother’s home (he formerly owned a comic book store that closed after just six months.)

Murder of a Cat - cat Mouser sitting on table

Unimpressed by anything at the table a boy asks if the cat is for sale.  Clinton is not amused.

Murder of a Cat - Clintin, cat Mouser and boy at yard sale

In the next scene Clinton takes Mouser to the vet and comments about how his cat has been disappearing for longer periods of time lately and that he seems to be losing his fur and his interest in life.  The vet suggests Mouser see a psychiatrist.

Murder of a Cat - cat Mouser at the vet

That night Clinton is in his basement room watching episodes of Who’s the Boss?  Mouser is sitting in the windowsill and Clinton walks over to get him.

Murder of a Cat - Clinton with cat Mouser on windowsill

Clinton falls asleep with Mouser on his chest.

Murder of a Cat - Clinton with cat Mouser on his chest

During the night Clinton awakens to find Mouser gone and the window opening and closing in the breeze but falls back asleep.

Kitty Carnage Warning!  The next morning Clinton walks outside to see a small crowd of neighbors standing around something in the street.  He is horrified to see that Mouser has been shot and killed with an arrow by an unknown assailant.

Murder of a Cat - Clinton mourns over dead cat Mouser

During the course of Clinton’s investigation to find Mouser’s killer, he comes across a Lost Cat poster with a picture of Mouser (saying the cat answers to the name of Horatio.)

Murder of a Cat - cat Mouser on Lost Cat poster

Clinton goes to the address on the poster and finds the door open.  When he walks inside he is shocked to see photos of Mouser all over the walls.  Mouser has been leading a double life, living part time with a girl named Greta (Nikki Reed)!

Murder of a Cat - cat Mouser's pictures on wall

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): We won’t spoil the outcome of this comedic thriller here, but we will talk about the very end.  Having grown considerably during his adventures, Clinton is moving out of his mom’s basement and into a new place.  He asks his mom to stop the car for a moment and he walks to the window of a pet store where he sees an adorable orange and white kitten.

Murder of a Cat - kitten in cage in pet store window

Greta appears and gives a voice to the kitten, stating his name is Bartleby (played by kitten actor O’Malley).  The final shot of the film is Greta and Clinton riding off on a motorcycle with Bartleby in a carrier on the back.

Murder of a Cat - kitten in carrier

The cat actors were provided by Boone’s Animals for Hollywood and trained by Tracy Kelley.

Final Mewsings: Killers of cats should be brought to justice!

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