Bosko and Honey (1932)

The Uncensored Bosko 2 DVD

Leon Schlesinger Studios
 Rochelle Hudson
Directed by: Hugh Harman

Synopsis: Honey (voiced by Rochelle Hudson) gets tired with trying to teach a cranky kitten how to play the violin so she calls her boyfriend Bosko to come over and go for a picnic.

Cartoon Kitty: The kitten who is not enjoying his violin lesson is named Wilbur and he continues to play one note of his piece wrong, which drives Honey to distraction.

Bosko and Honey - kitten Wilbur's violin lesson

After Honey goes to call Bosko she comes back to find Wilbur jumping on the piano keys.

Bosko and Honey - Honey catches kitten Wilbur on piano keys

She scolds him and he slides down the lamp and takes up the poor violin playing again.

Bosko and Honey - kitten Wilbur slides down lamp

When Bosko arrives he starts to play the song Wilbur is trying to play on his saxophone while Honey sings along.  Wilbur is not impressed.

Bosko and Honey - kitten Wilbur mocking Honey's singing

Mischievous Wilbur grabs a washtub full of soapy water and dumps it into Bosko’s saxophone.  Bosko responds by playing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.”

Bosko and Honey - kitten Wilbur carrying washtub of soapy water

Final Mewsings: You can’t blame a cat for not wanting to play an instrument that may have strings of cat gut!

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