Romantic Riviera (1951)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Narrated by:
 James A. FitzPatrick

Synopsis: One of a number of Traveltalk films produced by James A. FitzPatrick which took moviegoers on short trips around the world.  In this episode, FitzPatrick takes us to the laid back region of the French Riviera to visit the towns of Villefranche, Cannes and St. Paul.

Purr Blur: In Villefranche one can just barely see a tuxedo cat walking away from a table where people are dining near the water.

Traveltalks - Romantic Riviera tuxedo cat near tables

Kitty Cameo: Later in St. Paul a few moments are devoted to another tuxedo cat walking down the street ahead of some women.

Traveltalks - Romantic Riviera tuxedo cat walking down street

Final Mewsings: People may be laid back on the Riviera but the cats like to dress up!

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