Bewitched – “The Cat’s Meow”

Bewitched Season One DVD

Original Air Date: January 21, 1965
Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead
Directed by: David McDearmon

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this episode!

Synopsis: Darrin (Dick York) is given an out of town assignment to meet with a beautiful female client on the night of his and Samantha’s (Elizabeth Montgomery) nine month anniversary.  Samantha expresses a desire to go along but Darrin’s boss, Mr. Tate (David White) doesn’t even want Darrin to let the client know he’s married.  So when a Siamese cat suddenly shows up before Darrin is to meet the client he’s immediately suspicious, thinking Samantha has transformed herself to spy on him.

Cartoon Cat: Before we begin the review of this first season episode, we must acknowledge the iconic theme song of this series which features cartoon versions of Samantha and Darrin.  As Darrin walks into the kitchen where Samantha is cooking, he leans in to kiss her and she disappears.  Looking down he realizes she has changed into a cat!

Bewitched - theme song cartoon cat at Darrin's feet

The cat jumps up in Darrin’s arms and then turns back into Samantha right before the food in the pan on the stove starts smoking.  It’s a wonderful and unforgettable opening theme.

Bewitched - theme song cartoon cat jumps into Darrin's arms

Featured Feline: Cats were featured many times throughout this series, and this is a great turn by a beautiful Siamese cat in what amounts to a very funny episode.

Bewitched - The Cat's Meow Siamese cat on shelf

The cat shows up on the docks where Darrin is to be piloted out to the client’s yacht.

Bewitched - The Cat's Meow Siamese cat in captain's arms

The captain of the launch decides to take the cat aboard, fueling Darrin’s suspicions.

Bewitched - The Cat's Meow Siamese in Darrin's arms

The cat is present throughout the rest of the episode, eyeing Darrin warily which adds up to some very comical moments.

Bewitched - The Cat's Meow Siamese cat with Darrin and client

Final Mewsings: Any cat can seem judgmental when a man feels guilty.

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