La petite fille et son chat (1899)

English Title: The Little Girl and Her Cat
 Madeleine Koehler
Directed by: Louis Lumiére

Synopsis: A short film from the early film pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumiére.  A little girl (Madeleine Koehler) sits in a high chair and feeds her pet cat treats from a cup.

Cinema Cat: One of the earliest cat film stars, this gorgeous striped long haired Maine Coon seems happy to be getting treats.

Le petite fille et son chat  - cat eating food from little girl's hand

At one point the cat jumps down off the high chair’s table.  Moments later the cat “jumps” back on.  We believe this is the first instance of someone throwing a cat back into a scene (what we like to call a “catapult”).

Le petite fille et son chat  - cat about to jump down from high chair

The cat again enjoy the treats and even grabs the little girls hand in its eagerness to get more.  The title may have been more accurate as being Le son chat et petite fille, as the cat blocks the view of the girl through much of the film.

Le petite fille et son chat  - cat reaching for treat in little girl's hand

Final Mewsings: It’s clear cats know how to upstage!

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