Figaro and Frankie (1947)

Figaro and Frankie poster

Walt Disney Productions
 Ruth Clifford
Directed by: Charles Nichols

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this film!

Synopsis:  Figaro the kitten is driven to distraction by the singing of Frankie the canary and sets out to quiet the bird, perhaps permanently, much to the consternation of Minnie Mouse (voiced by Ruth Clifford).

Cartoon Cat: This is one of several short films featuring Figaro, who made his debut as a character in the feature length film Pinocchio.  Figaro even had his own theme music in these short films!  Here Figaro is paired with Frankie the canary, a bird who likes to sing.  Only the singing is getting on Figaro’s nerves since he would like to have a cat nap.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro scowls while trying to sleep

Figaro shakes Frankie up in his cage and Frankie spits seeds at Figaro.  The two squabble like this until Figaro makes a concerted effort to get up to Frankie’s cage.  Frankie then whistles an alarm which brings Minnie running.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro climbing up to birdcage

Minnie scolds Figaro and threatens him with her broom.  Frankie then shoots more seeds at Figaro, who has had enough.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro looking wicked

Figaro manages to get up to Frankie’s cage and knocks the whole thing over.  Minnie is shocked when she finds Figaro inside the cage with feathers in his mouth and no Frankie in sight.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro in birdcage with feather in his mouth

Figaro is chased with the broom from the house and told never to come back.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro chased from house

Frankie is alive and decides to fly the coop to join the free birds he sees in the sky.  Only Frankie’s wings are out of practice.  In the meantime a bulldog appears in the yard and Figaro scrambles up to the window sill to escape him.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro facing bulldog

Frankie finds himself caught between a vengeful Figaro and an angry bulldog and even Figaro’s angel of goodness has a hard time convincing him to save the canary.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro and his good conscience

In the end Figaro does save Frankie and Minnie is happy, although Figaro still has to listen to Frankie singing.

Figaro and Frankie - kitten Figaro and canary Frankie

Final Mewsings: Even cat consciences have a hard time overriding cat instincts.

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