A Quiet Street (1922)

The Teams: Our Gang DVD

Hal Roach Studios
 Jackie Condon, Gabe Saienz, Mickey Daniels
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan, Tom McNamara

Synopsis: When a policeman’s family moves into the neighborhood the Gang have a row with his son Banter (Gabe Saienz).  After a fight they believe the entire police force is out to get them but the cops are actually searching for a dangerous criminal.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film little Jackie is watching as the new family works to unload their moving van.  Jackie is carrying a small cat with a string tied around it as a lead.

Our Gang - A Quiet Street - Jackie carrying small cat

The moving men had previously been struggling to lift what they thought was a burlap sack from the truck but then realized was a fire hydrant.  After the men leave Jackie works to cover the fireplug again.  The policeman’s son Banter walks out and sees Jackie and starts spanking him and tugging on the cat’s string.

Our Gang - A Quiet Street - Jackie being scolded while cat stands by

Jackie picks up the cat and leaves in frustration.

Our Gang - A Quiet Street - Jackie walks away with cat

Jackie then comes upon Mickey and Jack (Jack Davis) as they are tying a piece of string to their dog’s tail.  The other end of the string is tied to one of Mickey’s front teeth and this is their plan to pull the tooth.  Only Mickey is a little hesitant and gets up and follows the dog around instead of sitting still.  Jackie comes upon the scene carrying his cat.

Our Gang - A Quiet Street - Jackie carrying the cat

Jackie drops the cat in surprise and the cat runs away.

Our Gang - A Quiet Street - Jackie drops the cat at his feet

The dog sees the cat and chases after it as the cat runs through a small hole in a nearby fence.  Mickey is surprised to find his tooth has been pulled.  The cat is not seen again after this.

Final Mewsings: The cat will be sending Mickey his dental bill later.

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