Felix in the Swim (1922)

Pat Sullivan Cartoons
Directed by:
 Otto Messmer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Felix the Cat rescues a mouse from a trap and is promised a favor in return, which he collects on when his human friend, a boy named Willie, has to practice piano instead of going to the swimming hole.

Cartoon Cat: Felix the Cat starred in many silent short films, including this one in which he spots a mouse caught in a trap and is anxious to eat him.  But when the mouse begs for mercy Felix shows pity and frees him instead.

Felix in the Swim - Felix the Cat releases mouse from trap

Felix apparently likes to swim and wants to go to the watering hole with his friend Willie.  But Willie’s mother orders the boy to practice his piano instead.

Felix in the Swim - Felix the Cat can't go to the swimming hole

Felix does his trademark thinking walk, trying to figure out what to do.  The mouse then suggests he gets his brothers to help and they fix it so that Willie can sneak out of the house.

Felix in the Swim - Felix the Cat trademark thinking walk

At the watering hole Felix and Willie don swimming shorts and dive into the water.  But while they are swimming a goat eats Willie’s clothes.

Felix in the Swim - Felix the Cat diving into swimming hole

That night they return to Willie’s home wearing barrels.  Willie’s mother beats him and Felix, in turn, beats up the mouse.

Felix in the Swim - Felix the Cat and Willie wearing barrels

Final Mewsings: Did Felix really need a barrel when he usually walks around without clothes anyway?

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