And Then There Were None (1945)

And Then There Were None DVD

Rene Clair Productions
 Walter Huston, Barry Fitzgerald, June Duprez
Directed by: René Clair

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film (but not the end!)

Synopsis: Based on Agatha Christie’s classic mystery.  Ten people are invited to a secluded island for a weekend without knowing exactly why.  They soon learn they are there to pay for past crimes and one by one they find themselves being murdered.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): Throughout much of the film a small tabby cat is seen as the eleventh guest, although it is not clear how the cat came to be in the estate or on the island for that matter.  The nameless cat is first seen when the butler opens a door to enter the dining room and the cat walks in ahead of him.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat walking through doorway

The cat is next seen outside the bedroom window of Judge Quincannon in the morning.  He picks up the cat and carries it as he walks from his room to the corridor.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat with the judge

When several of the men become convinced that their host, the mysterious Mr. Owen, is on the island with them they search for the man.  They check a small shed outside and think they hear something in the woodpile.  As they look, the cat peeks out from amongst the logs.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat looking up from woodpile

One of the guests, an older woman named Emily Brent (Judith Anderson) is seen knitting and the cat likes to play with the ball of yarn on the floor.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat playing with yarn

Emily finally takes the yarn from the cat and goes to bed.

And Then There Were None - Emily takes ball of yarn away from tabby cat

Later they see the ball of yarn roll over the edge of the landing upstairs.  When they go to investigate, the cat has been playing with the yarn and rolled it off the landing.  Needless to say, Emily is no longer in any shape to care.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat looking through railings for ball of yarn

The cat is also seen sitting on the staircase as several of the guests walk upstairs.

And Then There Were None - tabby cat sitting on stairs

And finally, the cat is seen in the final pivotal moment when the killer is revealed, but we won’t spoil that for you here!  This is one movie mystery you should see for yourself!

And Then There Were None - tabby cat in woodpile animated gif

Final Mewsings: Cats love a good yarn, especially when it’s a mystery!

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