The Last Ha Ha (1926)

Aesop’s Fables Studio

Synopsis: Farmer Al Falfa gets into comical tangles with his cat, a mouse, and a dog, and it’s hard to say until the end who gets the last laugh!

Cartoon Cat: The black cat which appears in these silent cartoons by Paul Terry (and may have been known as Thomas according to one online source) made numerous appearances in the Farmer Al Falfa cartoons.  This short begins with the cat and mouse taking a nap outside on the farm and the cat taking a mosquito which has targeted him off and putting it on the mouse.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon cat and mouse sleeping

Farmer Al Falfa recruits the cat and mouse to wash his porch but the animals protest and take over his house instead.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon cat and mouse protest against Farmer Al Falfa

Farmer Al Falfa resorts to getting a dog to take care of the intruders.  But after initially being scared the cat realizes the dog is muzzled and starts hitting the poor pup.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon cat hits muzzled dog

The mouse takes off the muzzle and the dog bites the cat.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon dog bites cat's tail

The mouse then needs to remove the dog’s tooth from the cat’s tail.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon mouse tries to help cat

This is very much a classic tit for tat type scenario with all of the characters trying to one-up each other.  But who gets the last laugh?  Not the cat, unfortunately.

The Last Ha Ha - cartoon cat, dog and mouse laughing

Final Mewsings: Cats are usually laughing at us, they just hide it well.

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