Kitty from Kansas City (1931)

Betty Boop picture

Fleischer Studios
 Rudy Vallee, Mae Questel, Ann Little
Directed by: Dave Fleischer

Synopsis: A Screen Songs animated short film starring Betty Boop as a country girl traveling to Rudy Valley via train.  Rudy Vallee appears singing the song Kitty From Kansas City in a live-action sing-along segment.

Cartoon Cat: Despite the title a cat is not the central character here.  Betty Boop plays Kitty but she does have a cat and a parrot with her in the beginning of the film as they walk to the train station.

Kitty From Kansas City - black cat being carried by Betty Boop

The cat is seen again along with Kitty and the parrot, all of them pacing while waiting for the train.

Kitty From Kansas City - black cat pacing with Betty Boop

Finally the cat is sleeping when the parrot nips Betty’s behind, leaving her to think the elderly station attendant was getting fresh!  Unfortunately Kitty is snagged by the mail bag arm of the train and whisked away, leaving the cat and bird behind.

Kitty From Kansas City - black cat sleeping on train station platform

Final Mewsings: How could Kitty leave her kitty behind?

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