Care of the Skin (1949)

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Narrated by:
 James Brill

Synopsis: An educational short film which explains to children why cleaning and caring for your skin is so important.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film, a little boy named Billy is sitting with his older sister Virginia in the living room of their home watching a grey and white kitten washing its paws.

Care of the Skin - kitten licking its paw

When their older brother Fred calls down that it’s time to clean up, Billy demonstrates to Virginia that he knows how to keep clean and licks his hand, imitating the kitten.

Care of the Skin - kitten licking both paws

Billy later licks his hand while he’s washing and already has soap all over it.  The narrator comments, “Uh oh, looks like that kitten has started something!”  At the end of the film Billy is still thinking about the kitten and licks his hand again, then shakes his head and settles down to sleep.

Care of the Skin - boy thinking about kitten licking its paw

Final Mewsings: It’s a good thing Billy only saw the kitten licking its paws!

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