Sick Kitten (1903)

G.A.S. Films
Directed by: George Albert Smith

Synopsis: A remake of George Albert Smith’s earlier film The Little Doctor from 1901, this short shows a boy and girl playing doctor and nursemaid to a sick kitten, feeding it some medicine from a spoon as the Mama Cat waits by anxiously.

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): One of the earliest cat stars of the silver screen, the kitten featured in this short film is adorable beyond words. What is most notable about this experimental film was George Albert Smith’s use of close ups and editing, one of the earliest examples of a film being cut and close ups inserted to bring the action closer to the audience. He deserves to be applauded simply for giving us one of the most priceless kitty close-ups in film history. Mama Cat also turns in a nice performance as the concerned parent.

sick kitten

Final Mewsings: A close-up of a kitten is a cinematic breakthrough.

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