Bewitched – “Ling Ling”

Bewitched Season One DVD

Original Air Date: February 11, 1965
Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead
Directed by: David McDearmon

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this episode!

Synopsis: Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) tries to help Darrin (Dick York) with one of his ad campaigns by changing a Siamese cat into the beautiful Oriental woman which the agency is looking for as a model.  Unfortunately the firm’s young photographer Wally (Jeremy Slate) falls in love with Ling Ling (Greta Chi.)

Featured Feline: The Siamese cat shows up in the first scene of the episode, walking along the backyard fence beside Samantha and jumping down to her lawnchair.

Bewitched - Ling Ling Siamese cat on fence

Bewitched - Ling Ling Siamese cat on lawnchair

Neighbor Gladys (Alice Pearce) then shows up looking for her parakeet and thinking the cat has eaten it, but Samantha spots the bird nearby.

Bewitched - Ling Ling Samantha holding Siamese cat by fence

Later the cat jumps on the kitchen table, giving Samantha the idea of turning her into Ling Ling to help Darrin.

Bewitched - Ling Ling Samantha looking at Siamese cat on table

Bewitched - Ling Ling close up of Siamese cat

At the end of the episode, Gladys puts a saucer of milk out for the cat as a way of apologizing for accusing the animal of eating her bird.  Ling Ling, still in human form comes to lap at the milk, which Gladys sees right before Samantha changes her back into a cat.

Bewitched - Ling Ling Siamese cat drinking milk from bowl

Final Mewsings: It’s hard to believe that any cat would prefer to be human.

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